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Created11 months ago | 2017-07-25 18:38:48
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4 Aug 2017, 09:09Died at Level 400 by a exp bug and Zgnojony Rivy.
4 Aug 2017, 08:50Killed at Level 268 by Zgnojony Rivy.
28 Jul 2017, 20:22Died at Level 251 by Orshabaal and a arkhothep.
28 Jul 2017, 20:18Died at Level 251 by a hellfire fighter, Zgnojony Rivy, juggernaut, hand of cursed fate and a hellhound.
28 Jul 2017, 20:16Died at Level 252 by Ferumbras, fluffy, juggernaut, the Old Widow, plaguesmith, hellfire fighter, nightmare scion, demon, grim reaper, snake god essence, serpent spawn, demon, demon and a fire elemental.
28 Jul 2017, 20:13Died at Level 255 by a donator demon and a arkhothep.
28 Jul 2017, 20:03Died at Level 256 by a demon and Orshabaal.
28 Jul 2017, 20:02Died at Level 258 by Freegoiz and a donator demon.
28 Jul 2017, 19:48Died at Level 256 by Orshabaal, Murderess Spieder, hand of cursed fate and Zgnojony Rivy.
28 Jul 2017, 19:44Died at Level 256 by a juggernaut, Murderess Spieder, Zgnojony Rivy, nightmare and a undead dragon.

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